Antioxidants Boost Natural Health

Antioxidants are molecules that capable of stopping the effects of free radicals. The body normally circulates the nutrients that your body needs in order to obtain the all its positive effects. Antioxidants coming from the food that we eat can help eradicate the effects of free radicals.

The use of antioxidant is nature’s way of defending your cells against oxidation. With the help of these micronutrients, your body resists aging, which is normally caused one’s daily exposure to dirt, dust, and pollutants.

Why Are Antioxidants Important?

Antioxidants are necessary to obtaining optimal health. Physicians know the significance of getting adequate antioxidants from the food that you eat or the supplements that you take. Antioxidants are important because they inhibiting the propagation of free radicals, which can damage the body and cause a host of diseases.

Some antioxidants can be produced by the body, while some can’t. As the body advances in age, the production of natural antioxidants declines. This is why aging seems to pick up when one reaches 40 years old. That’s also the time when antioxidants are needed by the body the most.

What are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are highly reactive metabolite produced by the body as a result of energy production and metabolism. They are also referred to as the body’s natural biological response to the toxins found in the environment such as sunlight, cigarette smoke, chemicals and man-made radiation, among others. Free radicals are also produced when you exercise and there’s an inflammation anywhere in the body.

Free radicals are short of one electron or even more, which is why they cause biological oxidation. The free radical’s incomplete molecules get aggressive in attacking other molecules in the quest to replace the missing electrons. This process is called oxidation, which is similar to biological rusting. It happens when there is a lot of oxygen in the tissues.

When free radicals steal electrons, the DNA and the structure other cells get damaged, thus causing them to eventually die. Free radicals disrupt the duplication of DNA, while also interfering with its maintenance and breaking it open. It causes a host of diseases such as cancer, cataract, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and atherosclerosis.

How Antioxidants Work

Antioxidants mainly work in slowing down one’s process of aging. They work by repairing all damaged molecules and blocking the production of metal radicals. Some antioxidants may even have a chelating effect.

Antioxidants also stimulate the genes of the body and increase its natural defenses. It provides a shield and reduces the risk of cancer. They can help regress premalignant lesions and inhibit the growth of tumors.

Inducing the Body’s Health

The use of antioxidant supplements is highly encouraged to ensure that your body is strong and healthy for a long period of time. If you need Harper Woods natural health supplements, it’s quite easy to obtain them these days. Just find a reputable distributor of these products to get exactly what you need.

Taking care of your body is your own responsibility. The advancement in modern science is going to help a lot in making health and wellness easily enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age.

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