Is Your Electrical Outlet Warm? 

Is your electrical outlet warm every time you plug in an electrical device? For those who don’t know, your electrical outlet is the source that offers current to any electrical device you use. These devices can be your phone charger, laptop, mixer in the kitchen, and more.  


Since you’ve got a lot of electrical devices in your house, there is no cause to think anything is wrong as long as they’re working fine.  

However, there can be issues lying beneath the walls if you notice an electrical outlet feels warm or hot to the touch.  

Though not every case is serious, you need to hire a professional right away to examine warm outlets. There’s a huge possibility that your home’s electrical system is outdated and you’ll need a new domestic electrical installation. 

Insufficient Breaker or Fuse 

One problem associated with old electrical systems is that they weren’t made to handle a lot of electrical devices. That is why it is very common for old houses to require an update with their breaker or fuse.  

Demand on the Circuit 

Nowadays, homeowners put more demand on their electrical systems than before. Thus, the actual design of your electrical wiring may simply not be up to the task. There’s a huge possibility that it is having a hard time managing all the current flowing to the outlets and switches in your house.  

Because of this, you’ll need to hire an electrician for rewiring.  

Broken Infrastructure 

It means that the electrical infrastructure is damaged if you can see that a plug or a component of the outlet is broken. This is perhaps one of the most common reasons why outlets heat up. If this is the case, you’ll have to replace the broken outlet immediately. In addition to that, you’ll have to examine the whole electrical system as well for further problems.  

Damaged Wiring 

You’ll feel the heat if there is something damaged. For instance, the wiring itself is damaged or the terminal is loose. Keep in mind that this is an extremely dangerous problem. If you notice this, you should immediately hire a professional electrician to fix it.  

A Lot of Devices Plugged In 

A lot of families simply do not have enough electrical outlets to keep up with their needs. That is why most of them plug in too many devices into the same outlet. This will usually lead to your outlet heating up.  

This problem is extremely common if you use an outlet multiplier or a power strip. While these things can help adapt to your demands, they usually draw more electricity. This can result in overheating.  

You Are Utilizing a Wall Wart 

For those who don’t know, electricians use the term wall wart for a modem, charger, or basic electronic device plug. However, they are different because their plugs are large squares. Some people call them wall hogs since they usually block the nearby outlet due to the size of the plug.  

It is common for these plugs to generate heat, especially if they are doing their job. You should try unplugging the wall wart for a couple of hours to see if the outlet cools down. If not, you’ll need to hire an electrician 

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